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Killing Floor: Incursion

Release Date
August 2017
Tripwire Interactive
(Unreal Engine 4) PC - Oculus | PC - Steam | PS4

UI You Can Almost Touch

2016 was an exciting year for VR: the Vive, Rift, Gear, and PSVR were all released to market, developers were rapidly innovating with new ways to interact with this growing medium, and players were becoming more and more accustomed to immersing themselves in a virtual space.

In December of 2016, eager Rift users were finally able to get their hands on Oculus's solution for player interaction, the Oculus Touch, and with them came an amazing new way to step into their games. I had the privilege of working on an early Touch-enabled title, Killing Floor: Incursion, and it was a fantastic opportunity to experiment and explore a fun and innovative way to interact with UI: simulating a touchscreen in virtual reality.

Quick Note

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have partially or fully omitted personal and confidential information in this case study. The information and opinions I am presenting here are wholly my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Tripwire Interactive.

My Role

As the UI/UX Designer at Tripwire, I designed and validated the user interface for Killing Floor: Incursion. Up until late 2017, I discovered and addressed player pain-points and potential quality of life features.

Initial Prototypes

I worked closely with our UI Engineer to prototype and test three separate interaction methods, and helped implement the best solution that emerged from our experiments.

Design and Flow

From wireframes through final implementation, I designed the menu system of KF:I, including the wrist-mounted touchscreen and endless mode leaderboards.

Art and Animation

I created all the art assets used in the game, chose the font and accessible color scheme, and hand-animated every menu using the UMG timeline system.

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